About Us

At Wellington Square we have found that a friendship with the God seen in Jesus can make a positive difference by giving our lives direction, meaning, and joy for living.Wellington Square offers a great place to investigate what it might mean to be a Christ-follower as well as a place to dive in, make friends, and join with others to have a positive impact on our own hearts, our community and our world. Wherever you find yourself on life’s spiritual journey, we are open to your questions, concerns and passions.

We offer worship in two distinctive services on Sundays at 9 and 11 am. The 9am service has rock music, live drama and video, and a very casual, friendly atmosphere. The 11 am service offers classic inspirational worship with a quiet, reflective friendliness and music that is a blend from great traditional hymns, to upbeat gospel spirituals to jazzy choral numbers. Check out the difference, and choose your favourite.

In addition to worship, we have many groups for education, recreation, fellowship, and support, whether for those who are committed disciples of Jesus, or those curious and questioning the Christian life.

We are located in the downtown core of Burlington, Ontario. We hope to see you soon.