Update June 2020

Greetings to our congregation.

The Board this year is chaired by Tony Wilson. Members include Penny Bailey, Ben Petrie, Paul Pincente, Lynn Kasprzyk, Nancianne Chin, Wendy Alexopoulos and our minister, Glen Wells.

The Board meets regularly by Zoom and maintains regular email contact. We are working to oversee God’s church and His Kingdom work during these unprecedented times of Covid 19.

On Sunday, June 21st, we gave an update to the congregation during the Sunday service. If you missed the service, we invite you to read the message here.

In February this year, God gave the Board an idea. He asked us to add a faith line to our Church budget. Normally, we establish the church budget by looking at the giving’s from last year, we may consider expenses that might be lower or higher, we look at our rental incomes etc. We came up with a figure that we think we can manage.

The Faith Line is a call for a greater level of faith in God as our Provider.

The revelation of the Faith Line is still unfolding, but for now, we know we are to be intentional in our prayers for His Holy Help and we ask you, the congregation, to join us in these prayers. We ask you to think about all the Bible stories where God has supernaturally provided and consider that He can do it again. These are prayers for the Church, but you may personally be in a position where you need God’s help, we encourage you to pray daily for your needs as well.

The congregation has always said to the Board if the church is in need, if the church is in trouble, we want to hear about it. On Sunday, I shared that in the month of May we had a sudden drop in our giving’s in comparison to the months before. A big drop of $17,400. As God’s people we have a responsibility to look after His Church and His Kingdom work, in every season. A drop like this can impact us at so many levels, for example, a certain % of the General Fund supports the work of our Global partners, because we cannot do our usual fundraising, this percentage has become a life line to some of the poorest children in the world.

So much has changed when it comes to how we give. I miss sitting in the pew every Sunday morning, holding my envelope in my hand, and whispering my thanksgiving to God. I cannot give in the same way, but I am faithful to bring my thank offering to God because He is faithful to me and I have so much to be grateful for.

If you are having trouble finding a way to bring your thank offering to the Lord, please contact the Board by email: board@wsqwuare.ca and someone will call you and help you.

We know that times are hard, and you may not be able to give in the same way, but we know that if we all do a little, God can do a lot.

Thank you for listening and God Bless each of you.

Penny Bailey, on behalf of the Board.

Prayer Requests for Our Global Partners

Our global missions’ brothers and sisters in Christ have asked our Church family to pray for them during these difficult times, as they struggle with a lack of resources to fight the virus.


The 70 younger Ebola children have been so happy at the Orphanage in Freetown.

Now with the virus spreading, Pastor Mansaray will be moving them back to Mercy Ships, the gated compound, where the 70 older children are.

Please pray for kind, supportive volunteers to come along side the staff to help them move the children and their belongings. It is a two hour trip and the orphanage doesn’t have a vehicle.

We pray Our Father will empower the older kids to happily share their spaces with them, once again.

We ask the Father, to assign His Angels to guard them in all their ways.

We pray that all the books, puzzles, games, crafts, etc. that we sent, will help them to have some happy times.

We pray they will have sufficient food and water.

You can tell from the pictures that the children are very distressed. We bind up the spirits of fear and trauma and send

them directly to Jesus for Him to deal with.

Instead, we pray that the Peace of God will cover them like a warm blanket on a cold winter’s night, they will have sweet dreams.

In Jesus Name. Amen


The people of Malawi are struggling with many food challenges and COVID has added to the burden. 

Please pray that the markets open to provide more access to food.







Malawi Update May 2020



We pray for those who are in desperate circumstances and for Pastor Rigo and the Mizpa community; for those who have lost jobs and for those who find the supermarket shelves empty. We are grateful that 60 food baskets have already been distributed through the church  and pray that this support will continue.



Heavenly Father,

We know that our brothers and sisters around the world are suffering, hunger is so prevalent today.

We pray for the Canadian Food Grains and other organizations that they can continue to provide the much needed food and supplies to those in need.

We pray for the safety of those displaced from their homes.

We pray protection from the Covid19 virus in areas where medical services are limited or don’t exist.

We pray for those working on a vaccine, that they will be successful to end this pandemic.

We pray that Canada will continue to provide the monetary assistance needed to help fund all the humanitarian response programs globally.

May our hearts be filled with your spirit to make a difference.

We pray for a world without hunger.