Joy and Sadness at the Friday Night Community

We come together as a community of friendship, fun and faith. We support one another and celebrate with some while grieving with others.  This past Friday we were blessed to watch a reunion of brother and sister who had been estranged for some time, and made Friday Night Community their safe space to reunite. While at the same time we learned about the loss of our friend Brian Russell, who had many health struggles over the last few years. He so looked forward to his weekly afternoon of Scrabble with the ladies in the Hub. We at Friday Night Community and Open Doors at St. Christopher’s were Brian’s friends, family and support.  He will be greatly missed.

Just a note that we are looking for volunteers to help with security at this year’s Rotary Ribfest.  The volunteer hours that you put forth will actually translate into a financial donation for the Friday Night Community, and last year this contributed towards the purchase of our kitchen air conditioner.  No experience necessary and Dee can answer any questions and has the sign up sheets. You can contact him directly at: Dee Glover


Most Needed Items: 
*yogurt, sour cream and black take out containers for take home food
*lemonade & iced tea crystals
*decaf coffee
*wool for afternoon Hub
*gently used vacuum cleaner
*small disposable plates (no styrofoam) & fun napkins for the Hub
*bike locks and youth helmets
*backpacks and school supplies 
*gently used bike for 6 year old girl
*craft supplies for children’s area
*hotel sized shampoo, body wash, etc.
*salad bar toppings (beets, olives, pickles, seeds, Craisins, etc.) and dressings
*gently used/newer running shoes for adults/children 
*electric beaters for baking & Cuisinart
*mattress covers (all sizes, gently used)
*diapers size 2-3, pull-ups size 4-5
*curtain rods, curtains & hardware
*gently used pots and pans
*sandwich maker, material for sewing
*women’s running/walking shoes (especially 8-9)

Community Garden Update

Hi All,

Our community garden is overflowing with goodness. Folks enjoy going out to see what has come up, learn from those who can offer knowledge, and pick and eat something fresh for a snack or to go with their meal. It is wonderful to see people amalgamating by the gardens and enjoying this green space. There is much learning that has extended into the Friday Night children’s area. Every week we are highlighting a different fruit or vegetable and the children are learning, tasting and even baking with it. We are presently working on designing a sign for the garden which will make the vision more clear that it is for all to enjoy. We are also looking for and hoping to purchase a couple of benches in order that folks can enjoy a comfy space to meet and connect.  
Special thank you to the United Church Endowment Fund and the Davey Family Endowment Fund at the United Church of Canada Foundation. This initiative was made possible by the $5000 matching grant that went towards the garden materials. Thank you for your interest and care and see you at the gardens.

All On Equal Ground at the Friday Night Community

In going through the pictures that are taken with such fun and care each week, I was once again reminded about the importance of community. We come to serve and share together and each of us has something unique and wonderful to offer.  No one is more or less important than anyone else, and we all want to feel included, valued and cared for. Thank you for being a part of this vision of inclusivity and acceptance as we share life with so many amazing friends in our community.

Our community garden is overflowing with goodness. Folks enjoy going out to see what has come up, learn from those who can offer knowledge, and pick and eat something fresh for a snack or with their meal. As we left the dinner on Friday two friends were enjoying the garden space. One was overheard saying, “People don’t like when I sit near their garden, but we can sit here. We are allowed to be here in this place.” They spoke about the leaves on the different plants and what vegetables they could see. When offered to help themselves, they shared, “That’s okay. We don’t really eat any of this. We only like strawberries.”

We are looking for volunteers to prep, serve and oversee in various areas on Aug. 11 and 18th.  Please let me know if you are available to help.  Contact Lisa at 

Most Needed Items: 

*yogurt and sour cream sized containers for take home food

*twin sheets and bedding (gently used)

*patio table with chairs for family

*newer curtains and rods for living room and bedroom

*gently used, newer art for living room walls

*camping equipment for new family to country (cooking equipment, sleeping bags, etc.)

*shampoo, liquid body soap

*men’s boxers sizes M-XL

*pull ups for children (size 5/6)

*peanut free store made desserts (pies, cakes, etc.)

*salad bar toppings and dressings

*lemonade crystals