“Beyond” the House Build

“Beyond” the House Build

For over 10 years, the Wellington Square congregation has participated and supported YUGO Ministries in their house ministry program. This project is a valuable “hand-up” that builds a deeper relationship with Christ for everyone involved.

The 2017 Mission Experience explored the possibility of going deeper and doing more while in Mexico. We have expanded our partnership with the local church to identify areas where we can provide additional support and encouragement in a sustainable way.

In addition to funding feeding programs, food baskets, medical and maternal programs, we are open to exploring additional opportunities, to aid families who are struggling to break out of the cycle of poverty.

Recently, we purchased an egg incubator that is awaiting delivery to a family, who we built for in 2015. Our family is unable to work at traditional employement due to health reasons. He had hoped to raise and sell chickens and their eggs to provide a sustainable income for his family. We are eagerly waiting to hear how this pilot project progresses, with possible plans to expand it to other families.

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