We have loved Bintu in prayer for over a year.

She had a hernia in her tummy, you can see in her Christmas picture how large it had grown.  They couldn’t operate as she developed TB in the sac around her heart and was on medications for 6 months. Dr.’s also discovered she needed heart surgery. She was taken to Ghana, many tests were performed and the night before she was to see

the heart surgeon, God took her home to heal her. Bintu loved Jesus as her Savior, she is safe with Him and

reunited with her parents that she lost so long ago. Please pray to the God of all Comfort, to comfort and heal the hearts, of the 139 grieving children and the staff at Wellington Orphanage.

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2022 Graduates from Wellington Orphanage

Our Church has had the privilege of walking with Wellington Orphanage in Sierra Leone, Africa for over 21 years. We are so happy to congratulate some of our original orphans on their Graduation from University this year. Kadiatu, graduated with her BSC Degree in accounting (she helped Bintu) Aminata,...

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