Blanket Program for Malawi

Thank you to all of those who lovingly knitted or crocheted squares and dropped them off at the church!  We were able to send enough squares in early 2021 to make 15 blankets for children!

Hands And Hearts For Africa (HAHFA) is partnered with Reverend Steve Kamwana who oversees the Widows Welfare Program of EBCM (Evangelical Baptist Churches of Malaw) and  Emmanuel International, Malawi (our partners) in this wonderful ministry to help children in rural Malawi.

This simple program has great impact and serves the needs of children across the country. The blanket program starts by loving hands knitting or crocheting an 8” square in North America. These squares are then packaged and sent to Malawi where they are received and assembled by the widows’ loving hands and distributed to neediest children in their communities.

You can be a part of this by simply knitting or crocheting in your spare time!

Or you can start your own group – a TIAO group – Tilere Ana Ifa Ovutika (TIAO) which is Chichewa for We Care for Needy Children. For more details on the exact requirements for the squares, the instructions are here. Knitting Instructions

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