Hi friends, 

During this continued time of fear and uncertainty it is such a blessing to know that we are a part of a bigger community of friends who care for one another and have many special memories.  It is these memories shared that remind us that we will one day (hopefully soon) be back together again.  We know some of you are waiting to get back into the country while others are self-isolating after trips or due to personal or family health concerns.  We have shifted our Friday Night model to one of ‘regular take-home’ meals where friends meet outside the door and we give them a smile, a wave and a bag of food.  Even more so it has changed from Friday Night Community just to ‘Community’, as we are working with other local groups to meet the many needs of our regular FNC friends as well as others who are in need of assistance at this time.  We want to thank you for your continued support which comes in many forms…from hands on assistance, donations, sharing of the needs, prayers, reaching out to our community friends and messages of support.  Although the food availability has diminished, we are presently benefitting from some local restaurants that have been forced to close.  Please spread the word if you know of anyone who has food to offer. We are also so thankful for our walk-in freezer, as without it we would not be able to continue to provide food for our community.

As one of our FNC friends so beautifully shared, “As we pass through this time of fear, confusion and isolation we are reminded of so many good things that we enjoy. One of those of course is our friends which includes you. It’s so nice to know that even at a distance our friendship continues undiminished.  Friendships can be strong even without the smiles and hugs that we are so used to. These are trying times for many, but it is only for a period of time. We will get through this and in so doing we will learn much about others and more importantly about ourselves.” 

Stay well my friends, may God bless you, keep in touch and in time we will see you all back to enjoy a meal together at the Friday Night Community table. 

Hugs to you,