Prayer Requests for Our Global Partners

Our global missions’ brothers and sisters in Christ have asked our Church family to pray for them during these difficult times, as they struggle with a lack of resources to fight the virus.


The 70 younger Ebola children have been so happy at the Orphanage in Freetown.

Now with the virus spreading, Pastor Mansaray will be moving them back to Mercy Ships, the gated compound, where the 70 older children are.

Please pray for kind, supportive volunteers to come along side the staff to help them move the children and their belongings. It is a two hour trip and the orphanage doesn’t have a vehicle.

We pray Our Father will empower the older kids to happily share their spaces with them, once again.

We ask the Father, to assign His Angels to guard them in all their ways.

We pray that all the books, puzzles, games, crafts, etc. that we sent, will help them to have some happy times.

We pray they will have sufficient food and water.

You can tell from the pictures that the children are very distressed. We bind up the spirits of fear and trauma and send

them directly to Jesus for Him to deal with.

Instead, we pray that the Peace of God will cover them like a warm blanket on a cold winter’s night, they will have sweet dreams.

In Jesus Name. Amen


The people of Malawi are struggling with many food challenges and COVID has added to the burden. 

Please pray that the markets open to provide more access to food.







Malawi Update May 2020



We pray for those who are in desperate circumstances and for Pastor Rigo and the Mizpa community; for those who have lost jobs and for those who find the supermarket shelves empty. We are grateful that 60 food baskets have already been distributed through the church  and pray that this support will continue.



Heavenly Father,

We know that our brothers and sisters around the world are suffering, hunger is so prevalent today.

We pray for the Canadian Food Grains and other organizations that they can continue to provide the much needed food and supplies to those in need.

We pray for the safety of those displaced from their homes.

We pray protection from the Covid19 virus in areas where medical services are limited or don’t exist.

We pray for those working on a vaccine, that they will be successful to end this pandemic.

We pray that Canada will continue to provide the monetary assistance needed to help fund all the humanitarian response programs globally.

May our hearts be filled with your spirit to make a difference.

We pray for a world without hunger.



Mental Health Partnerships at the Friday Night Community

Anxiety is a very real challenge for many friends in our community.  It can keep people from carrying on with their daily routine and for some it can be overwhelming and even disabling.  Some friends struggle to come in our doors, while we are able to make accommodations for others in order that they are able to be a part of our community.  This past Friday our speakers from TEACH reviewed unhelpful thinking styles, positive affirmations and principles of recovery for those struggling with anxiety.  We are fortunate that through our partnership with the Joseph Brant Mental Health Consumer Advisory Committee we have education and supports around many topics of mental health.  

Most needed items:

*snacks for children’s lunches (fruit cups, apple sauce, pudding cups, peanut free granola bars, individually packed cookies and crackers, etc.)

*yogurt & sour cream size containers and black take out (no thin or clear plastic please)

*lemonade & iced tea crystals, hot chocolate mix

*salad bar toppings (beets, seeds, Salad Topper, croutons, etc.)

*olive oil, mayonnaise

*gently used/newer running shoes of all sizes for men/women/children

*towels, blankets (gently used)

*twin sheets & mattress pads

*shampoo, kids’ toothpaste, shower gel for men

*dehumidifier for damp basement

*wool for afternoon Hub

*disposable plates for afternoon Hub

*baby clothes sizes 6 months to 2 years (and sleepers)

*size 3 diapers

*sweat/yoga pants of all sizes

*skinny pants of all sizes

*ladies tops (sizes XL and up)

*boys’ pants size 6-12

*girls’ clothes 4-6x

*kids’ shoes sizes 12, 13, 1

*boys’ shoes size 6

*bedside table and lamps

*large, gently used crockpots

*double and queen sized mattress and boxspring (gently used)

*Easter candy

A sense of belonging at the Friday Night Community

We appreciate our many partnerships and the support we receive from within the community.  Burlington Food Bank’s Executive Director Robin Bailey commented, “As part of our regular intake one of the first recommendations we make is to go to the Friday Night Community.  The clients come back and let us know that the food is fantastic, but more importantly they feel cared for as people and that they have gained a sense of belonging.  This community is inclusive of all people regardless of any differences.”

We attribute this positive feedback and the sense of inclusivity that is felt to our amazing volunteers that go above and beyond in walking with and loving the friends that walk in the door.  They serve each week with such patience and care and are a true testimony to God’s love and acceptance.  

Please spread the word that we have an urgent need for gently used winter coats, boots, snow pants and gloves of all sizes.  With the colder weather upon us, there are many who don’t have what they need to keep warm this winter.  Please drop off your clean winter wear at the church office from 9am-4pm.

At the beginning of December we are having our free Ladies’ Brunch where over 80 women will come together for food, fellowship, crafts and a message about angels. We are collecting items to help make this a success including anything ‘angel’, white candles, clear glass candle holders, artificial snow, white fabric and white feathers.  

Most Needed Items: 

*snacks for children’s lunches (fruit cups, apple sauce, pudding cups, peanut free granola bars, individually packed cookies and crackers, etc.)

*yogurt & sour cream size containers and black take out (no thin or clear plastic please)

*lemonade & iced tea crystals

*salad bar toppings (beets, pickles, olives, seeds, croutons, etc.)

*olive oil

*gently used/newer running shoes of all sizes for men/women/children

*size 3-4 girl’s jeans and s-m tops (for teen)

*boys size 7-8 winter clothes (track pants, pants, sweatshirts, winter PJ’s)

*twin bedding (gently used)

*mattress covers of all sizes (gently used)

*diapers and pull ups of all sizes

*curtain rods

*kids’ toothpaste

*men’s deodorant

*shaving cream, razors, nail clippers, hand sanitizer, face cream, lip balm

*new underwear for men (boxers), women and children

*higher quality ladies’ leggings

*smaller desk with drawers

*dehumidifier for damp basement

*wool for afternoon Hub

*gently and clean used winter boots, gloves, warmer winter coats & snow pants