Children’s Ministry

Children’s Ministry coming along-side-of families in their faith journey is a blessing and an on-going learning experience. The following events and special worship services encourage and nurture our faith walk and church unity as ONE family in Christ: Faith at Home: How to Read the Bible, Intergenerational monthly Communion, Baptisms, ONE 10am Services, Advent and Christmas Family service, Fellowship events (Volunteer Appreciation Brunch).

GraceLand provides a FUN, SAFE and FRIENDLY place where we learn about God’s love and how to shine His light every day • Sundays at 9am.

Babies & Toddlers experience God’s love through our caring volunteers in a warm and friendly environment.  Age-appropriate toys, books, activities, music and puppets are all a part of their morning fun.

Preschool to Grade 6 explore the week’s message and ‘apply’ what they have learned through connect-in time, interactive large & small group worship time, age-appropriate activities, games, discussion and prayer.

SALT (Servant and Leadership Training) is a 6-week program for Grade 6 & up providing students experience and exploration of their Spiritual Gifts.  Every spring we teach them how to use their gifts to glorify God and model the ways of Jesus in serving and in attitude.

Faith Building events provide families  an opportunity to connect-in with GraceLand, engage in kid-style worship and receive faith teaching, prayer and resources.  Event themes include “How to Strengthen Faith in the Home” and “How to read the Bible”. We also provide faith building resources (Books, Prayers of Blessing and Spiritual Name Meanings) for Baptisms.

Creative Art Ministries encourage children ages 5 & up to use their Godly talents to praise God in teams like GraceLand Dance & Drama and/or GraceNotes Choir. For Grade 6 & up GraceLand Band(s) and GraceLand Puppets.

Serving Opportunities in Children’s Ministry for youth and adults help provide faith growing experiences as they share their Godly gifts spreading love to others and expanding God’s Kingdom.

Plan 2 Protect procedures are followed to ensure safety for all.  Volunteer screening, sign-in/out and pager system, washroom guidelines, participant forms, know how to handle health emergencies, additional needs, behaviour management and more.

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