In-House Events

In-House Events

Successfully Planning Your Event | Wellington Square is a vibrant community with many events. We want each event to be successful and this starts with thoughtful planning. If you are planning an event, first contact Catherine in the church office to check time and space availability. (If necessary, your request will be forwarded to the Board for review and a response will come soon afterwards). Once your event is on the calendar, we need to know what rooms, people and equipment you will require for that time; in order to help you with these needs, please fill out this form and return it to the church office asap.

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Get the word out! Put a paragraph or full page ad in the printed announcements, and that information will then go out on the weekly e-blast and be posted on our website. You can also have a flyer/poster on the bulletin board near the kitchen entrance by bringing it to the church office for us to post. Signup sheets can be posted on the bulletin board. If tickets are needed for the event, please arrange for someone to sell tickets after both services. We can also sell them from the church office, so bring some in to the office.


To have your paragraph of information included under “happenings” in the printed announcements, send an email to by end of day on Monday, and it will get in for that Sunday, and stay in until the date of your event. To have a full page ad in the printed announcements, phone or email the office to book the space, 2 Wednesdays before you want it to appear. Send your ad to the office as a Word document or a JPEG file.


Please note that your group must adhere to the policies of Wellington Square United Church, as approved by the Board on Nov. 20, 2012. They are as follows:

Peanuts/Tree Nuts: Though we would like to strive to be a peanut-free facility, there is no way for us to consistently and properly enforce or monitor whether food has peanut ingredients. Styrofoam: We choose to live with care and respect for God’s Creation, therefore, Wellington Square asks that you avoid cups or plates made of Styrofoam, because they are not recyclable.

Plastic Water Bottles: For the above reasons respecting the environment, Wellington Square avoids disposable plastic water bottles brought into the church; we encourage people to use reusable water containers or pitchers to serve water to large groups.

Gambling: ‘Games of chance’ for profit (gambling) such as lotteries and raffles are not permitted at Wellington Square. Sale of items to the highest bidder through ‘Silent Auctions’ is allowed.

Alcohol: Out of respect for our historic traditions, and in support of those avoiding addictions, the serving or use of alcohol is to be avoided on church property.

Special Events: While we want to welcome many groups and events to Wellington Square, in a large, diverse and busy congregation such as this, special events may require Board approval. Please check with the office first.

Custodian: Where a custodian is required for an event at Wellington Square, the costs for the custodian should be paid for by the event itself. Please contact the office regarding fees.

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