Room Rentals

Room Rentals

For room bookings

Contact Catherine Wagg at 905-634-1849 ext 15 or for Room Booking availability and pricing.

We are currently taking limited booking of our rooms.


The sanctuary is the largest area for worship at Wellington Square, with seating for approximately 450, a large chancel that accommodates bands, choirs, drama and dance groups, and speakers. 

St. Paul's Hall

The gymnasium is a large, bright space for gathering, playing, interacting. This 66 x 38 foot space can be set up with tables and chairs for 240 people, or chairs only for 300.

McMillan Room

The “parlour” is a carpeted room of 20 x 38 feet with several seating areas comprised of sofas, chairs and tables, allowing 40 to 90 people. A divider can separate the room in half. A kitchen servery is attached to the east end.

Pritchard Room

This multi-functional carpeted room of 50 x 21 feet can accommodate 50 to 100 people, depending on the furniture setup. Tables and chairs can be arranged in myriad formation. A kitchen servery is attached.