As our community garden plants begin to grow, we are also taking the time to reflect on eating healthy and integrating a variety or fruits and vegetables into our day. Veggies and fruit contain important vitamins, minerals, fibre and other plant nutrients that kids and adults need to stay healthy. Eating the recommended servings of vegetables and fruit may reduce the risk of certain types of cancer, heart disease and other chronic diseases. Additionally, healthy eating helps children concentrate and perform better in school, sports, and other activities.
This past Friday we highlighted one such vegetable, asparagus, and not only served it as one of our side vegetables for dinner, but also taught the children how to prepare and cook this tasty, in season treat. We were amazed at how many children not only tried the asparagus, but also came back for seconds and thirds. Thank you to the group of friends that came to help prepare, serve and clean up from the delicious meal of ham, mashed potatoes and vegetables. We so appreciate the amazing volunteers that work tirelessly to put it all together, and serve with warm smiles and engage in conversations with such care and patience.

Most Needed Items:
*adult craft items (adult markers, drawing paper, knitting materials, newer magazines, Crossword and other game books, 100-200 piece puzzles, etc.)
*snacks for children’s lunches (fruit cups, pudding and apple sauce)
*Queen & twin sheets and bedding
*newer curtains and rods for living room and bedroom
*shampoo, liquid body soap
*aveeno moisturizer lotion
*boys & girls running shoes size 12-4 (gently used)
*boys & girls clothing size 8-14 (please label bag with size)
*teen boy clothing size 14 to men’s small
*men’s and women’s casual shoes size 7-11
*women’s track pants/outifts size M-XL
*women’s tops in bright colour M-L
*men’s boxers sizes M-XL
*men’s track pants sizes L-4XL
*pull ups for children (size 5/6)
*peanut free store made desserts (pies, cakes, etc.)
*salad bar toppings
*lemonade crystals