This Sunday morning, as we think about belonging to a church, and receive new members, some thoughts…
Jesus founded the church to carry on his mission; to serve as his hands and voice in the world. He loved broken and lost people. He offered healing and hope and forgiveness. He proclaimed good news of a God who loved prodigal children.
Recent national surveys of young adults reveal a great interest in Jesus, but an antipathy to the church. As one author has put it, “They like Jesus, but not the church.” Perhaps this is why, according to one recent poll, only 21% of Canadians are in worship on a given weekend.

Perhaps it’s time to Rethink Church.

“The church is a people who have answered Christ’s call to let our light shine and seek to change the world so that it looks more like Christ’s kingdom. The church welcomes sinners, broken people, anyone willing to walk through its doors. ‘Church’ is not for perfect people—there aren’t any—but for misfits and ragamuffins. And the church is a family of friends who bless, care for, encourage, sustain, forgive, and love one another. To be that kind of church takes grace, because none of us are perfect, and a willingness on the part of each of us to show one another sacrificial love, sharing and family caring.”
United Methodist minister, Rev. Adam Hamilton