Off to a Good Start:
On Saturday February 1st project leaders representing eight of our outreach programs gathered with representatives from the Outreach Team to eat, network and dream together. Together we shared what energizes us about our work. We learned about local building plans from Halton Habitat for Humanity and about the difference that the Community Kitchen makes in the lives of our youth. We shared about the joy of welcoming new folk each month at ‘The Kettles On’. Many of us were delighted to receive new information. We discussed the Mission and Values of our Outreach and Caring Action Ministry. Leaders felt very positive about the values that form our core, expressed reaffirmation of these values and desired to promote awareness of these values in the wider congregation. We began dreaming together about how the Outreach Team might support the Project leaders and hold each other mutually accountable. We imagined or Mission, Vision and Values at the hub and our project leaders began defining some of the spokes or key functions: Prayer, Education, Transformation, Communication to name a few. The project leaders decided that they wanted to have further discussion with their respective teams. We decided to meet again in two months, to refine and further define our ministry together.