We are a gathering place where you can find much information and enjoyment for your spiritual growth. Come and browse the display tables and shelves for items to borrow. Library volunteers are happy to assist you on Sundays from after the 9am service until the 11am service starts. During church office hours, use the self-checkout method to borrow items. The shelves inside the chapel carry popular spiritual fiction and non-fiction material. The DVD and music CD collection remains in the display unit for easy access. We have lots of material for children too from popular Veggie Tales books and DVDs to learning to read Bibles and storybooks. Check out items for 3 weeks and return to the box outside of Chapel doors. If you need your item for more time it can be renewed for another 3 weeks, stop by and update the record with staff.
Contact: Jane DeBoer |  jdeboer@wsquare.ca

this week’s pick

Catching the Wind by Melanie Dobson

Catching the Wind
By: Melanie Dobson

Having witnessed his parents’ arrest by Gestapo agents at the beginning of World War II, 13 year old Dietmar escapes on foot with his friend and neighbour, 10 year old Brigitte. After many harrowing weeks, they make it to England, but are then separated by the English authorities. Throughout the remaining war years, they both face hardship, and when the war ends, they are unable to find each other. Dietmar grows up to be a wealthy businessman, and over the course of his life tries unsuccessfully to find Brigitte. Now elderly, he makes one more attempt to find his childhood friend, entrusting the task to Lucas Hough, his young lawyer, and Quenby Vaughn, a tenacious journalist who faces abandonment issues of her own. With elements of mystery, espionage, suspense, and romance, this is a book you won’t be able to put down!