Legacy Giving

Leave a Legacy

A legacy gift, either to the congregation of Wellington Square United Church, to the United Church of Canada, or to the United Church of Canada Foundation, is the best way to build a strong, healthy relationship with future generations.

By establishing a bequest in your Will, purchasing a United Church gift annuity or naming the Church as owner or beneficiary of a life insurance policy, you can partner with future generations. For more information, please email treasurer@wsquare.ca or call 905-634-1849 ext. 16.

The three most popular forms of legacy gifts

Ways to make a legacy gift


Make a Bequest in Your Will

Make a simple provision in your Will to leave some of your assets to Wellington Square United Church.


How you benefit
  • You have the satisfaction of knowing that you have made a meaningful gift to your Church to ensure that our good works continue far into the future
  • You also know that your estate will receive significant tax credits that will benefit your heirs or other beneficiaries.

A Gift of Life Insurance

With the gift of a new or existing life insurance policy, you can name Wellington Square United Church as the beneficiary.


How you benefit
  • You can build a sizable gift for future generations with relatively small premiums now.
  • You enjoy income tax credits during your lifetime.

A Gift of Securities

A gift of publicly-traded, appreciated securities to Wellington Square United Church qualifies for special benefits.


How you benefit
  • You take pleasure in watching your gift go to work immediately to benefit the Church.
  • You enjoy immediate tax credits, including reducing your capital gains tax.

Please speak with an advisor

We will happily provide information and assistance to you on this and other ways you can support the efforts of the Church community you belong to. However, the ultimate responsibility regarding your finances, tax implications of donations, and/or legal local, provincial or federal regulations rests with you and your legal or financial advisor. We strongly encourage you to seek independent advice from an advisor who specializes in incorporating philanthropy into estate and legacy planning, when making any decisions about making lasting gifts.