Setting the date
The first step in arranging your wedding is to select and book the date and time. You can do this by calling the church office at 905-634-1849. During peak wedding months, please be prepared to consider alternate times for your wedding. We schedule weddings two hours apart to ensure that there is no overlap between ceremonies. Please note that no wedding date is considered confirmed until you have met with a minister for a pre-marital interview.

Meeting with the Minister
Your pre-marital interview should be arranged as soon as possible. This necessary step confirms your wedding date at the church while allowing the minister to get to know you as a couple.

License or Banns
In the province of Ontario, a wedding may be performed under the authority of a license, which may be obtained from City Hall, or by Banns, which may be published in the church. If you are to be married by license, please arrange to obtain it well in advance of your wedding date. Ontario law requires that a license be issued at least three days prior to the wedding.

A marriage license is valid for three months from the date of issue. If possible, please deliver your license to the church three weeks before the ceremony, or leave it with the minister after your final interview. All information on the license will be completed by the church administrator.

The Publication of Banns is reserved for those who regularly attend Wellington Square and have never been married. Banns must be read at two services of public worship at least five days before the wedding. In the event that both persons to be married are members of different congregations, Banns must be read in both churches. A wedding license is not required when the Banns are published.

Choosing the perfect music
Once the wedding date has been confirmed, you should arrange to meet with the director of music. In addition to organ and/or piano, some couples wish to have a special piece performed by a soloist or other musician. This is an acceptable choice, providing that you discuss your thoughts with the music director before booking the services of additional musicians. Musical selections must be appropriate for a Christian service of worship.

Decorating the Church
Wellington Square is a beautiful place of worship and does not require elaborate decorations. You may, however, wish to include flowers and candles to personalize your day. Floral arrangements should be delivered to the church well before the wedding (check with the office for an appropriate delivery time). Please advise the florist to clearly identify your arrangements with your name and time of the wedding. The custodian will be happy to assist with their placement. Ribbons or bows may be hung on the pews, but not affixed. We ask that no items of church furnishings or property be interfered with in the process of decorating.

Capturing your wedding memories
We’re concerned that everyone, photographers included, should remember that a wedding is a service of worship, and must not be disrupted. Your photographer is asked to clear instructions through the officiating minister. Pictures may not be taken during the actual marriage ceremony, but there are other appropriate times for picture taking (during the Processional, the Recessional, and the signing of the register). Those wishing to video tape the ceremony should consult with the minister for more information.

Preparing for your  life together
While the ministers of Wellington Square will involve all couples in pre-marital counselling discussions, it is a requirement that couples contemplating marriage participate in some form of marriage preparation program. For more information and a schedule of courses, please speak to the minister.


There is no charge for weddings in the sanctuary or chapel to those who are active supporters of Wellington Square. For those not actively involved in this church:
Sanctuary Wedding $300
Chapel Wedding $125

In accordance with R.C.C.O. guidelines, the following fees are applicable:
Organist/Pianist $150
Soloist $80
Organist/Pianist at rehearsal $50

It is suggested that an honorarium be offered to the officiating minister(s).
On site $250
Off site $300

Other Services

Sound Technician $150

Power Point TBD


o  Request wedding and rehearsal date and time with church office

o  Meet with the minister for pre-marital interview and to confirm wedding date

o  Meet with the music director to arrange musical selections

o  Attend marriage preparation course, as discussed with minister

o  Get wedding license from city hall (no more than 3 months in advance) OR request Publication of Banns with minister

o  Finalize ceremony plans with minister  (one month before service)

o Deliver wedding license and pay fees to church office two weeks before wedding

o  Confirm floral arrangement placement with custodian (can be done at rehearsal)

Wedding Information Form Download