Malawi Update – August 2023


The Hands and Hearts for Africa (HAHFA) team is still at work with our partners in Malawi. Our friends there that we have had relationships with since 2006, are so appreciative of your support and they send their greetings and gratitude to the people at Wellington Square. Recently, we were able to send support from our givings to each of our partners that we maintain regular contact with.


You may recall from Christmas that we helped provide pipes for “Phase 2” of the Bimbi Irrigation project that is bringing water to help grow a variety of crops that will provide food and income for families in the community. Our recent support will provide the resources to train the families in the appropriate farming methods to provide sustainability in harvests. This training was provided for 180 people over 6 days. Pastor Moses, the leader of this community, says this:

“God bless you for your support..towards these farmers who are hoping to change [for] their life and families. May God continue to increase you in all your works and ministry.”

This project started with our last mission trip to Malawi in 2016, with 5 Wellington Square people “catching the vision” of the possibilities God had put in front of us to help build sustainable food sources for this poverty and drought-stricken land.


It has been a very tough go these past few years for our dear friend Efrida, who runs a “day school” program for orphaned children in Malawi. Her health has suffered, but together with her grandson, Taonga (a pastor in training) and a wonderful group of women volunteers, she has been able to continue to provide the one solid meal daily that these children will get. During our mission trips there, we visited Efrida, and spent time with the children in her care, to gain a better understanding of their needs and how we can help. We (HAHFA) are one of the only regular supporters they have to keep this program going. Taonga and Efrida recently received support from the Wellington Square community, and they have responded:

“The children are enjoying porridge in new plastic plates and spoons. Kids are learning and given food properly…..we as Kids Klub do appreciate the supports rendered to us. May the Almighty God bless you and all the entire team at HAHFA.”


Again, from our mission trips to Malawi, we have established a wonderful partnership with Prison Fellowship Malawi, run by Executive Director Rodrick Zalimba. Rodrick has visited our church on several occasions while attending conferences in North America. The work that they do to live out their mission “Where love and justice meet” is truly transforming lives of the “forgotten” in Malawi. Their main project outside of ministering to prisoners and advocating for fair and just treatment, is to run a “Halfway House” to provide ex-inmates with skills training and spiritual counselling to work and re-integrate into society and family.  We have visited this Halfway House many times and have watched it grow and seen the impact on people’s lives. Last year, we funded a new chapel built at a large prison – “Frannie’s chapel” in honour of our dear friend and co-founder of HAHFA and long-time member of Wellington Square, Fran Gray. We had planned on a trip to Malawi to help with the dedication of Frannie’s Chapel and have re-scheduled this to 2024. With our recent support, Rodrick says:

“Thank you so much for your kind [support]. We intend to use these funds to cover some of our running costs for the August cohort at the HWH. Your continued support towards purchase of take-home tools and training materials is always appreciated.”

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