Mission to Mexico

Mission to Mexico

There are years of memories and relationships with YUGO ministries and the community of Ensenada, Mexico. Ensenada is located approx. 100 km from the US border on the Baja peninsula.

With a simple but familiar surrounding at the YUGO Ministries campus, the Mexico Mission Experience is often a first introduction into serving the Lord outside of our own community.
We are partnered with Mizpa Fundacion Church in Manadearo, Mexico.

Driving the 30 minutes to our build site, the difference between Ensenada, a port city for cruise lines, and the agricultural community of Manadearo is rather striking. The bulk of the population are agricultural field workers, growing and harvesting the produce supplied to our grocery stores. An average wage is about $15 US a day.

Beginning in 2003, a team of excited youth and chaperones travelled down to experience a week building a home for a deserving family. Over the course of the 4-day project, bonds were formed not just with the local community but between the Wellington Square family who worked, worshipped and travelled together.

The project has grown as the years have passed, and many of our youth and adult church members have made the journey multiple times. Each experience brings new memories and the opportunity to learn about ourselves, our relationship with Christ, and God’s Kingdom here on earth.

In 2017, the scope of the work we have been called expanded as the leadership team began working with our local Pastor Rigoberto Avina to explore ways to support the community in sustainable initiatives throughout the year, in addition to the house building ministry that is the cornerstone of our Mission Experience.

New projects include funding feeding programs for children and seniors, providing access to dental and medical care, and future plans include a maternal care program for young mothers. Our visit to a local orphanage was a great deal of fun and impacted everyone on the team, and we hope to continue to include that in the weekly itinerary.

Travel dates for this year are November 3-10; we are looking to build a team of 10-12 people.

To learn more about YUGO ministries, visit www.yugo.org or visit their Instagram page @YUGOministries or their Facebook page.

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