…about the U.S. election. A lot. The process over these last months has been exciting, entertaining, exasperating, astonishing.
Let’s start with a common reality for we Canadians – we ‘like’ the United States of America. Of course we want to beat them in hockey, and every once in a while we quarrel over lumber or steel. But generally they are our good, safe neighbours, and best friends in the world.
Most of us have had very good experiences with the U.S. How many times have you travelled there – to vacation, to shop, to visit? I have lived there, in total for at least 4 years of my life – as a little boy when my Dad was a ministry student in Chicago, and then as an adult, during my own student time. The people I connected with in all my experiences have been kind, generous, smart. It was good to be with them.
So to watch this election, and the slow motion ‘train wreck’ of the democratic process, we feel some anxiety and consternation. For most of us, there are definitely heros & villains. Quite unexpectedly, Michelle Obama has become my hero. No guesses who I see as a villain.
I’ve always seen value in recent past candidates for President – the Romney’s & McCains, & Kerrys & Gores. Even though they were from opposing parties, and they lost their particular election, I think any one of them could have been a decent President.
And when the election was over and decided, a spirit of tolerant acceptance prevailed.
That has changed. Multiple analysts have expressed concern, even alarm, at the fractious hostility throughout the country. One article titled “Making Up Is Hard to Do” says that “this election has cleaved Americans like few in history. Can we put the country back together again?”
And the divisions are visible in the Christian community. I read Christianity Today’ an influential journal, and Christ followers are confused and unsure about what to do, or what to pray and work for.
So let us pray for them. I truly mean this – please pray for the United States, its’ leaders and its people.
Regardless of the results on Tuesday night, pray for a spirit of wisdom, balance, tolerance, Peace. Pray that voices be heard calling for forgiveness and unity. Pray that opposing sides lose the animosity, toward finding common ground.
We don’t need America to be great nearly so much as we need it to be good. God bless and guide the United States of America, that it be the best nation it can be, for the benefit of the world at this time in history.
With love, ORVILLE