Orphanage Update August 2021

Orphanage Update August 2021

Life remains hard for our Orphans in Sierra Leone. Not only are they contending with Covid and the lack of testing and vaccinations, the Dr.’s in Sierra Leone have been on strike for months.  Doctors have just returned to work. Thank You God.

This past Friday, two of the children were injured.

  • Moses fell off his bike and seriously injured his arm. The orphanage people donated blood for his surgery the following day. He now has a cast from shoulder to wrist with large metal pins sticking out. We pray to God for His Healing Hand to be upon Moses. 
  • Eunice, fell on her way home from school and hit her head. She was taken to local hospital but later sent to hospital in Freetown by ambulance in serious to critical condition.
  • Also, Bintu who has been treated for TB around her heart for the last 6 months, also needs surgery for a large hernia on her tummy. The medical expenses have wiped out the food budget and they are in dire straits, some children are going without food.

This requires an emergency response and you can help in three ways:

  1. Please pray for these children and the situation at the Orphanage.
  2. A financial donation to the church, please put “food” for Wellington Orphanage on the subject line. This will provide “extra funds” in our food budget.
  3. We are going to do our best, to send a container by the end of September 2021. We have free food and medical supplies that we can send and it is our hope that you could help by specifically donating any of the following.
  • new or gently used clean, summer clothing for 10 to 16 year old’s
  • new underwear for girls and boys (boxers)
  • new/or gently used sandals
  • toothbrushes
  • school supplies; pencil crayons, pens, pencils, sharpeners, 3 ring paper, notebooks, rulers
  • educational books
  • sports equipment (no bikes this year)

We would ask that you would hold on to your container donations as we have no space at the church.

You will be able to drop off your donations on Friday Sept 17 and Sat Sept 18, from 9am-12pm at the Caroline St entrance to the sanctuary. Please wear a mask when unloading your donations.

We are thankful for any help you can give.

Any questions, contact Penny through the church office.

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