Local Outreach and Global Mission Ministry

“We are called to be the Church, to love and serve others.” This line of A New Creed drives us as a community of Christ-followers to spread the gospel message throughout our community and to the furthest corners of the globe. At Wellington Square, we believe that ministry is an essential aspect of faith. Learn more about our outreach initiatives both at here at home and abroad and learn how you can become involved.

Friday Night Community

Feeding over 1,000 Friends a Week

Friday Night Community has changed to a Take Home Meal Bag program where bags of already prepared meals as well as any available produce, breads, hygiene and baby items can be picked up on Mondays and Fridays from 12-4:00 pm. Delivery is available on an ‘as needed’ basis.

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We are called to be the Church to love and serve others

Local outreach initiatives that you can get involved in, today!


Angel Wings

For years, Angel Wings has been one of our local outreach initiatives through which we sponsor children and their families in need in our city.

In addition to cash donations, gifts purchased are considered as charitable gifts and are, therefore, eligible for a tax refund. If you would like a tax receipt for gifts you purchase on behalf of Angel Wings, please provide the receipts and your church envelope number to the church office.

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Community Kitchen / Junior Master Chefs

A social justice initiative, we work alongside students in the Wellington Square kitchen. During our time together, we develop relationships, teach life skills, and encourage the students to become role models.

Under the guidance of Eleanor Christie and her trusty team of volunteers, students are provided with instructions on nutrition, food preparation and safety, as well as shopping and budgeting.

At each session, students prepare healthy meals to take home and share.

The popular program runs one day per month during the school year.


Contact: Eleanor Christie

McMaster Children's Hospital

Dot Gow

A very sick child can feel very alone and afraid. Often, they go through invasive medical procedures that add to their anxiety. Doctors use our Dot Gow therapy dolls to explain and demonstrate medical procedures in advance, thereby making sick children feel more at ease. The children then keep the dolls as a special companion.

A lovely thank you note from McMaster Children’s Hospital says it best. These dolls “help decrease a child’s anxiety and normalize the hospital environment before, during and after tests and procedures.”

Sewing and stuffing therapy dolls for McMaster Children’s Hospital, the Dot Gow group meets Thursdays, 9:30 am – 2:30 pm at Wellington Square. Some people come to quilt which covers costs. More doll makers are always welcome!


Contact: Fern McAndrew

Global mission ministry at Wellington Square

Our faith is not constrained by borders or continents. Wellington Square has built relationships with mission organizations around the world. Help us continue this incredible work in Malawi, Mexico, and Sierra Leone, or become a part of our next mission journey.


Canadian Foodgrains Bank

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Hands and Hearts for Africa

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YUGO Ministries: House Building

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Sierra Leone

The Wellington Orphanage

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Our values

Principles that guide our ministry

Working as one

  • moving forward with unity of purpose, held together by our common cause in Christ
  • respecting, supporting and encouraging each other in our
    diverse passions
  • pursuing financial and educational resources together


  • actively engaging in our community and world, working as agents of sustainable change
  • responding in ways that bring us closer to the heart of a need
  • using and sharing our gifts, talents, and abilities

Supporting others

  • sharing our abundance with those who need it more
  • responding in ways that best serve the needs of our community and global partners and those they support
  • sacrificing our wants for the sake of others’ needs

Building relationships

  • giving a face and a name to those in need
  • committing to paths of service that bring us closer to people: physically, spiritually, and emotionally
  • seeking long-term commitments, whenever appropriate
  • breaking down the walls that insulate “us” from “them”
  • offering care, respect and dignity for all

Creating understanding

  • educating ourselves to better understand both the need and the issues surrounding it
  • educating each other about our responses to needs
  • cultivating a culture of Christ-like equity, upholding ways of justice over charity
  • communicating in ways that are unified, constant, and consistent