Canadian Foodgrains Bank

Canadian Foodgrains Bank

Working to End Global Hunger

Did you know the number of people who suffer the indignity of hunger around the world has increased by 36 million over the last three years?

Despite important progress on hunger over the last few decades, increasing global conflict and climate variability are now pushing more people into hunger. Recent disruptions to food supply, lockdowns and economic downturns due to COVID-19 are expected to more than double the number of people facing severe food insecurity in the coming months.
Founded in 1983, the Canadian Foodgrains Bank was organized as a way for Canadian Christians to respond to those people around the world who suffer from hunger. Today the CFGB has 15 members, representing 32 Canadian denominations. Wellington Square has been a supporter since 1996. The CFGB is a testimony to the generosity of Canadians, to the spirit of cooperation among its members, to the skilled work of partners in the developing world, and to the partnership with the Canadian government through CIDA. While much progress has been made in the effort to end hunger, we continue to be a faithful partner in this important Christian mission. 

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Seeds of Life Update from Scott Brooks

Our soybeans were harvested on September 30, and on October 9 we planted winter wheat, which will be harvested in the summer of 2021. All of the proceeds from the sale of soybeans, together with your donations, totaled over $78,000 after expenses. This money, which was sent to the Canadian Foodgrains Bank, will be used […]