Pastor Moses and Word of Grace Church, Bimbi 

HAHFA funds were sent last week and Moses purchased and distributed buckets, soap, gloves to the needy and 7 churches. “We are so thankful!”

May Ps Moses minister to us with his words :

“We thank God because the whole of being a Christian is FAITH AND LOVE.

Faith brings man to God, Love brings man to man.”

“The people have many questions, some are answerable but others need discernment.  We thank God because in every situation He has answers to the pandemic or challenges .”

“2 Chronicles 7: Verse 14  provides the solution but the best answer is be Humble and Pray”





Malawi (HAHFA) had a very successful and pivotal mission trip to Malawi in May 2012. Relationships continue strengthen and grow with our friends there, and with our partners from Emmanuel International, several long-term development initiatives were begun. Two different types of Village Savings and Loans programs were supported, support was given for a community initiative to begin a bee-keeping business and several orphanages were supported with food for children during this famine period.

Contact: Fran Gray



Since 2006 we have been connected with partners on the ground in Malawi, Africa.

Several mission trips have occurred and there are more to come in the future.

There are many opportunities for everyone to get involved through prayer, financial support, participating in fundraising events, creating blanket squares for children, going on mission.

A brief summary of our work and our on-the-ground partners are:


Emmanuel International Malawi: ( our Charity partner)

Past: Various projects supported over the years with : Widow Welfare groups, mosquito nets, water wells, maternal health

Currently: TIAO Blanket Squares for children support


Word of Grace Church lead by Pastor Moses Nkhata:

Past: Bibles, pastor training, Village Savings and Loan, bee keeping, church building, flood relief , food security.

Currently :Bimbi solar Irrigation plot, seeds, fertilizer, plants and supporting 250 families with fresh vegetable and providing them with a source of income from selling


Prison Fellowship Malawi:

Exec Director Rodrick Zalimba

Past: Prison support, solar water pump,  brick oven bakers, business organizational teaching

Currently: Trades training for ex-prisoners supporting them with Start Up kits upon graduation. 98% success rate for  men and women post-graduation.


Efrida’s preschool Kids Klub:

Past: Water well, fertilizer, seeds, food security, roof repairs, 2 room school, supplies

Currently: Ongoing protein porridge day meal for the children, 5 days a week .


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