Outreach & Mission Ministry

We believe that

• inequity, injustice and suffering are alien to God’s plan for Creation.
• the Gospel of Jesus Christ is Good News for the world.
• we are to proclaim the Gospel with language and action — at the call of God, by the power of the Holy Spirit, by the example of Jesus Christ.
• God calls each Christ-follower to be fully engaged, in relationship with our local and global community.
• actively serving God’s world and God’s people is a fundamental expression of our Christian faith.
• we are to serve as ambassadors for Christ: working for healing and justice, enacting sustainable change, and extending the reach of God’s radical, unconditional, transforming love.

Our Mission

To be the hands and feet of Christ on earth

Our Vision

To be a unified body, answering God’s call to love and serve the world, for the building of God’s Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven

Our Values


• moving forward with unity of purpose, held together by our common cause in Christ
• respecting, supporting and encouraging each other in our
diverse passions
• pursuing financial and educational resources together


• actively engaging in our community and world, working as agents of sustainable change
• responding in ways that bring us closer to the heart of a need
• using and sharing our gifts, talents, and abilities


• sharing our abundance with those who need it more
• responding in ways that best serve the needs of our community and global partners and those they support
• sacrificing our wants for the sake of others’ needs


• giving a face and a name to those in need
• committing to paths of service that bring us closer to people: physically, spiritually, and emotionally
• seeking long-term commitments, whenever appropriate
• breaking down the walls that insulate “us” from “them”
• offering care, respect and dignity for all


• educating ourselves to better understand both the need and the issues surrounding it
• educating each other about our responses to needs
• cultivating a culture of Christ-like equity, upholding ways of justice over charity
• communicating in ways that are unified, constant, and consistent