Wellington Orphanage

A bit about Wellington Orphanage in Sierra Leone, Africa.

The Orphanage began in 1996, under the care of Pastor Mansaray and his volunteers. 60 little children in a bombed out building sleeping 4 and 5 to a bed, often with only 1 meal a day. These children were the victims of a 10-year civil war, some were infants found floating in gutters, many had watched their parents shot or burned in their homes.

In 2002 a dying woman from England provided sufficient funds to build the Wellington Orphanage in Freetown. Today there are 144 children, (70 of them are Ebola orphans) in two sites: the younger children are in the Wellington Orphanage as the government has opened a “free school” next door. The remainder of the older children are at the Mercy Ships site, two hours north of Freetown. The Mercy Ships is a gated compound where Pastor Mansaray took all the children when the Ebola crisis hit in 2014. They were confined there for 18 months. Since Covid hit, Pastor Mansaray has brought all the children back to Mercy Ships, to keep them safe.

Many of our original orphans, 18 years and older, are trying to get an education. Pastor Mansaray continues to help them, too. Everyone comes home to the Orphanage at holiday time. Pastor Mansaray is a father to all of them and the volunteers are their Auntie’s and Uncles. Our children are amazing! Despite their deep wounds and daily hardships, they demonstrate a strong faith and trust in the Goodness of God.

Wellington Square United Church has walked with Wellington Orphanage for over 19 years.

Each year we have provided help in some way, sending containers, filled with food, medical supplies, clothing, bedding, educational supplies, sports equipment, carpentry tools, garden tools, bikes, sewing machines etc. We have sent emergency funds during the medical crisis and employed a nurse. We have sent funds for repairing the buildings and did a clean water project. Presently the church sends $1000 a month for food and medical care. Our child sponsorship program which started in 2006 also provides monthly funds for food. God has given our Church, the great privilege of walking with this orphanage. The orphanage is so grateful to God, for His Provision, through us.

God has blessed the two Wellingtons. All praise and honor and Glory be to Him.

How Wellington Square United Church has helped

Every year we send some form of financial aid to bless all of the children. Every time a container is sent, we contribute items such as school supplies, computers, farm equipment and tools, hospital beds, and medical supplies, and more. Explore the timeline below to learn about other, special contributions made to the orphanage.


We sent funds to help replace the pump on the well and also to have a concrete gutter poured around the orphanage to help protect the building when the floods come. We also collected additional donations for Christmas celebrations.


Fundraising for a permanent clean water solution for the orphanage, possibly through H2O 4 ALL, we continue to investigate the best organization to work through


Financial donation for new sewage system, however some money had to go to hire a nurse to manage a cholera outbreak in the orphanage


Pastor Mansaray came to visit from Sierra Leone, received a $5000 donation


Sent Christmas Shoeboxes to each child in the orphanage


Raised money to purchase farm land, sent equipment, garden tools, seeds


Monthly sponsorship of children began


Prayed for a new orphanage and God brought a new school as well! We also funded another container ($7,000)

Keep up to date about Sierra Leone

Orphanage Update August 2021

Life remains hard for our Orphans in Sierra Leone. Not only are they contending with Covid and the lack of testing and vaccinations, the Dr.’s in Sierra Leone have been on strike for months.  Doctors have just returned to work. Thank You God. This past Friday, two of the children were injured. Moses fell off […]

New Beds, New Mattresses, New Bedding ~ a dream come true!

Bed frames arrive...Everyone helps.New bedding brings smiles!You will remember, in early spring, we were raising funds for new mattresses for the Wellington Orphanage in Sierra Leone. Before we could send our funds, however, visiting missionaries saw the immediate need and purchased all new mattresses for both orphanages. What a blessing! So we changed our plans [...]

Mattresses Needed

The Wellington Orphanage is in need of new mattresses. If you would like to help a child to sleep in peace, please make a donation. Each mattress costs $62 and our goal is to provide 70 mattresses for the children. You can make your donation via cheque, e-transfer or Canada Helps. Please mark your donation […]