Syrian Refugees

A team of Wellington Square volunteers have been working since September. We’re finding that success on a project like this is a bit of a moving target (or Rubik’s Cube). There are many factors to the equation, including sorting through ‘case-files’ to choose who to sponsor, waiting for UN and Canadian government reports of approval to interviews and documentation, negotiating with potential partners, strategizing about ‘fund-raising’, and more.
Here’s where we’re at, based on recommendations from the Refugee Coordinating Committee, which the BOARD approved this week.
• We are applying for a family of 3 to 5 refugees from Syria
• This is a ‘new’ case; an earlier case was withdrawn by government officials, because of complications within their extended family
• After discussions with several churches, we may have Appleby United ‘partnering’ with us
• Initial cost estimates for Wellington Square are $15,000 if we get a family of 5
• This is an ‘extra’ project, in response to a humanitarian crisis. It is outside of our regular general\operations, and on-going ‘mission\outreach projects’
• While we have delayed a formal ‘ask’ for your support until we had detailed info about the family being supported, you can begin to give at anytime now.
• If you want to donate extra to this Refugee project, mark an envelope ‘For Refugees’ with your donation.
I am realizing again how blessed we are in Southern Ontario. When we see what refugees have endured, and how they have survived, we are humbled and hopeful as we work to welcome them to the safety and opportunity that we live with.
The process of refugee resettlement involves international co-operation, from a multiplicity of authorities, where decisions are being made on the edge of a war zone. So when we bump up against the complexities of all this, there are delays and changes, so we are learning patience and perseverance.
We recognize that many people of goodwill are making decisions under arduous conditions, and trying to keep the process moving forward as quickly and safely as possible, so we’re learning to be compassionate toward authorities and partners.
I am incredibly grateful to the team of volunteers around here who are wading through paperwork, and e-mails, and discussing options as they react to new information. I trust our team.
So I ask you to join me in praying support and wisdom toward them, and safety and safe-passage toward whatever refugee family will soon be coming to us. And I ask you to begin to ponder what role you might play, and how God might use you.
Together we can do this.