I love how friends come together to step up when the need arises.  This past Friday the roads were backed up with accidents and there were many closures.  Some folks took hours to drive a short distance, while others didn’t make it at all.  In the midst of these kinds of challenges, our community offers help, shows flexibility and we always manage to get it done.  We have memories of our New Year’s power failure, summer fire alarm and evacuation, city snow storm closures and major wind storms, but the one thing that remains the same is how we always manage to work together and welcome friends in our doors.  

We had an interesting and important information session provided by the Joseph Brant Mental Health Consumer Advisory Committee.  Skills were presented for those who have thoughts of suicide and want to make safer choices. 

Most Needed Items: 

*snacks for children’s lunches (fruit cups, apple sauce, pudding, peanut free granola bars, individually wrapped cheese and crackers and cookies, etc.)

*yogurt, sour cream and black take out containers for take home food (no thin or clear plastic please)

*lemonade & iced tea crystals

*decaf coffee

*wool for afternoon Hub

*salad bar toppings (beets, pickles, seeds, Craisins, dressings)

*gently used/newer running shoes for men/women/children

*women’s walking/running shoes sizes 8, 8.5, 9

*men’s walking/running shoes sizes 9-12

*girls tops sizes 14-16 or women’s small

*kids shoes size 13, 1, 2, 3

*women’s summer clothing sizes XL, 2X-5X

*girls summer clothing sizes 6-12

*boys summer clothing sizes 6-14

*twin bedding


*Queen duvet and mattress cover

*diapers size 4-6, pull-ups size 4-6

*curtain rods

*mix master, electric hand beaters

*TV stand, bunk bed set

*BBQ, gently used lawn furniture

*gently used card tables