There is a malaria outbreak at our Wellington Orphanage in Sierra Leone.
Please pray for funds to provide enough medical care for every sick child and for the Healing Hand of God to be upon them.
If you would like to make a donation to help support the purchase of 140 anti-malarial nets for the orphanage, your donation can be made to Wellington Square.
The cost for each net is $8. Please mark your donation as nets.
Thank you for your help.
This is a Good news story for Malawi-a new President who is a man of God, and a Pastor!
He was named the new President of Malawi after many protests of the mishandling of the voting for the re-election of the incumbent in 2019.
We pray for the safety of Lazarus and his family. That this new president will succeed in working against corruption and bring a new focus on justice and equality for the people of Malawi.
Please continue to pray that the COVID-19 spread will be limited, as an outbreak in Malawi would be devastating.

Please pray for Pastor Moses’ Irrigation Project in his community, as well as Rodrick Zalimba, director of the Prison Fellowship Malawi, who is working to bring in a new cohort of residents tot he Half Way house in the fall.

Please also pray for our friend Efrida founder of her preschool day orphanage KidsKlub. Please pray for her chronic leg pain, the overall health and wellness of the children and the need for donations to meet the increasing costs of protein porridge when the children return.
We continue to pray for the staff of YUGO ministries in Mexico as they continue toward their goal of 16 homes in 16 weeks.
We give thanks for the teams who donated their funds to make this project a reality.

We ask for prayers for the residents of Ensenada and Manadearo as they face work shortages, food insecurity and health risks in the face of this pandemic.
Heavenly Father,
We know that our brothers and sisters around the world are suffering, hunger is so prevalent today.
We pray for the Canadian Food Grains and other organizations that they can continue to provide the much needed food and supplies to those in need.
We pray for the safety of those displaced from their homes.
We pray protection from the Covid19 virus in areas where medical services are limited or don’t exist.
We pray for those working on a vaccine, that they will be successful to end this pandemic.
We pray that Canada will continue to provide the monetary assistance needed to help fund all the humanitarian response programs globally.
May our hearts be filled with your spirit to make a difference.
We pray for a world without hunger.