Lent is traditionally a time to reflect, repent and receive God’s forgiveness. It is also a time of spiritual growth. One of the ways to grow spiritually is to give up our attachments to things of this world. To guide you in what to give up or add for Lent, see the list below. Remember to allow your decision to be rooted in prayer and strengthened in Christ!

Consider giving up: a favourite TV show | radio (all the time, or a certain time of day) | social media sites | gossip | bad language | procrastination | judgmentalism | criticism | complaining | comparing yourself to others | arguing | frivolous shopping | chocolate
Things to add: get up early to pray | be intentional about your time – make a schedule (with prayer featuring prominently) and stick to it | save your change and give it to a charity | write letters to shut-ins, grandparents | volunteer at community dinner, soup kitchen, shovelling snow | give someone a compliment every day! | take someone to lunch every week (a senior, a lonely neighbour, a son or daughter) | join a Bible study group | 20 minutes of spiritual reading daily | list 5 things you are grateful for each day | listen to Christian music while you drive | go to an art gallery or botanical gardens and rejoice in the beauty | journal | pray with your family | encourage those around you daily or weekly | be a better friendBullseye Lenten

Following Jesus: What does that look like?
Many of us who come to church aren’t really sure.
‘BULLSEYE’ maps out six markers (or characteristics):
spiritual practices, worship, community, serving, giving, and sharing Christ.
These are the signs of a Christian life. ‘BULLSEYE’ offers you practical suggestions for helping to grow your faith, and live it out in everyday life.

Weekly Groups to learn and discuss the marker characteristics:

Sunday Morning Lenten Group began Sunday February 14th
Time: 10:30 – noon
Where: McMillan Room (Wellington Square)
Facilitators/Hosts: Joy Magwood, Jeff Weir, Rob Dewitte

Wednesday Evening Group began February 10th
Time: 7:30 to 9:00pm
Where: Pritchard Room
Facilitators\Hosts: Orville James, Mardi & Brian Vickers

Thursday Afternoon Group began February 11th
Time: 1:30 -3:00pm
Where: McMillan Room
Facilitators\Hosts: Orville James, Tom Chire

Please sign-up at the GROUP LINK table in the foyer.

Thursday at Seven: Contact bmagwood@wsquare.ca

Hebron Study Group: Contact dtufford@wsquare.ca
(1st and 3rd Wednesday, 12-2pm)

Wed morning Men’s Breakfast: Contact Cory cstidwill@wsquare.ca

Six Weeks in Lent Sunday Sermons and Growth Groups