Sew on Fire

The Wellington Square Outreach Committee that supports Wellington Orphanage in Sierra Leone would like to thank church members, friends and family who came out to help assemble hygiene kits at Sew on Fire on Feb. 15/22.  Sew on Fire is a charitable organization that supports mission groups in Canada and abroad.  They have donated much needed clothing, school supplies, hygiene items etc. to our group when we have sent containers to Wellington Orphanage.  In return for their assistance to us, they ask that we provide volunteers to them for an evening or two to help them carry on with their work.  As the Wellington Orphanage Outreach committee is very small, we did a shout-out to members of the congregation for assistance and were not disappointed.  We had 17 volunteers show up to help us, with many church members recruiting people from outside of the church to join us.  Thanks to all who gave of their time to assist us.  Your help was greatly appreciated.

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