Update from Rhonda

Update from Rhonda

You may have been wondering why you have been seeing so much of Rhonda lately?

Back in December I took a time of Sabbatical – after 14 years straight of intense ministry, it was so great and important to take some time to rest, refocus, and reflect.

So grateful for the ability to step away and hear God’s voice in a new way. It was through that time and space that I actually heard God whispering to me. I felt a restlessness in my heart and realized it was actually time to step away from my work in Mexico. I have been there 7 years and needed to begin my new chapter.

In May, I returned to Mexico for my farewell visit. Through lots of tears and beautiful moments, I said goodbye to that beautiful community. But just like when I left Wellington, I know they too will continue to be part of my life and family.

I am so grateful how Wellington Square launched me into that mission and supported me along the years. I am so humbly thankful for all the love you have shown me throughout this journey.

So, what will I do now? Well, I don’t really know entirely.

It’s a bit scary to have stepped away from something without knowing exactly what God has prepared for me next, but I am confident in his faithfulness. He has begun to stir new visions in my heart in missions and ministry and am taking some time to figure that out. (In particular I am exploring what would it mean to be a mission consultant – both for the North American Churches as well as struggling international organizations).

After my summer plans that includes some traveling, Spanish school, and volunteering up at camp, I plan to settle back into Ontario for a season. I look forward to seeing what God is calling me to next and will be sure to keep you posted as things unfold.

Once again MUCHAS GRACIAS, my dear friends!

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