One of our friends came to us with an offer to help folks put together and file their taxes.  She has experience in this area and is trying to find a way to help others and give back for all that she receives.  As her eyes welled up with tears she shared, “ I have run into financial difficulties and this place has meant the world to me. It is a place I can come and not be judged.”  We strive to be a place and space where friends can come and be accepted for exactly who they are.  Many enjoy joining in at the afternoon Hub to play games, share the challenges of the week and connect in with those who care. We are saddened about the loss of our friend Ray, who loved to share time with so many who he considered to be his family.  Arrangements are being made to celebrate the life of our dear friend.

We look forward to ringing in the New Year with our Friday Night Community family this coming week.  We are collecting any unopened boxes of chocolates, cookies or candy left over from your holiday parties for our New Year’s raffle.

Most Needed Items: 

*holiday chocolate, candies and cookies (by Jan. 3)

*snacks for children’s lunches (fruit cups, apple sauce, pudding, peanut free granola bars, individually wrapped cheese and crackers and cookies, etc.)

*yogurt, sour cream and black take out containers for take home food

*lemonade & iced tea crystals, hot chocolate mix

*decaf coffee

*glass measuring cups for baking

*wool for afternoon Hub

*small disposable plates (no styrofoam) & fun napkins for the Hub

*hotel sized shampoo, body wash, etc.

*salad bar toppings (beets, olives, pickles, seeds, Craisins, etc.)

*gently used/newer running shoes for adults/children 

*Queen sized mattress covers

*diapers size 4-5, pull-ups size 4-5

*rain and snow stroller covers for infant

*living room & bedside lamps (gently used)

*book cases (lighter and gently used)

*storage shelves for indoors (gently used)

*warm comforters/blankets/sleeping bags of all sizes (gently used and clean)

*plus sizes of winter coats *men’s and women’s winter boots sizes 9 and up