It is such a privilege when new friends come in our doors on Friday nights.  We have been helping a new family from Nigeria who has 3 children who we met at the Compassion Society.  They came in the doors for the first time on Friday and were overwhelmed with all that they did and saw.  One of the children had to be taken out crying because she did not want to leave. Another mom of 2 shared that this was her third time coming and that her life had turned around since she came in that first day.  She said she couldn’t really explain it, except that making the decision to reach out and ask for help also gave her hope that she and her children will be okay.  Another single man came with a friend who knew he needed some help.  He is unable to work and is on pain medication just to get through his day.  Friends first come in our doors for many reason and we are happy that we can lovingly welcome them into our community.

Thank you to Ashley Davidson from ADAPT who shared about overspending and when shopping can turn into an addiction.  Many friends benefit from these mental health information sessions that are provided in partnership with the Joseph Brant Mental Health Consumer Advisory Committee.

As we move into our last 6 weeks before the children are out of school, we are in need of specific snacks.  Most needed items include peanut free granola bars, pudding cups and fruit cups.  Parents and guardians continue to share how much they appreciate the snacks and that they make a big difference in being able to pack food for their children’s lunches.  

Most Needed Items: 

*snacks for children’s lunches (fruit cups, apple sauce, pudding, peanut free granola bars, individually wrapped cheese and crackers and cookies, etc.)

*yogurt, sour cream and black take out containers for take home food (no thinner plastic or clear please)

*lemonade & iced tea crystals

*decaf coffee

*wool for afternoon Hub

*salad bar toppings (beets, pickles, seeds, Craisins, dressings)

*gently used/newer running shoes for men/women/children

*footwear sizes 8-12 for men and women

*girls tops sizes 14-16 or women’s small

*king size comforter & electric blanket

*twin bedding

*Queen duvet and mattress cover

*women’s clothing size xl

*kids shoes size 13, 1, 2

*teen clothing size medium (for 14 year old girl)

*girls summer clothing

*diapers size 4-6, pull-ups size 4-6

*curtain rods

*mix master

*TV stand, bunk bed set

*toys for 3 year old girl and 7 & 10 year old boys

*BBQ, gently used lawn furniture