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Please keep the Youth Mexico 2014 Team in your prayers

Lucas, Cassidy, Naila, Hayleigh, Heidi, Jade, Chelsea, Matthew, Annie, Talia, Alison, Hannah,
Caleb, Tori, Jay, Daniel, Natalie, Hannah, Sara, Sam,
Caitlin, Natalie, Dee, Rodger, Brian, Linda, Gwen, Mark, Peggy and Dave
Youth Mexico 2014 | March 8-15, 2014

Youth Mexico 2014Saturday, March 8th, 30 fun-filled and excited youth and leaders will head on their way to the eastern coast of Mexico for a week filled with compassion, faith and love. Thank you to the Wellington Square community for all of your support and help to get us to this point and continue to pray for our youth and leaders as we meet with Rhonda Elgersma and her team down in Ensenada, Mexico. Pray for our families: the Moran Velazco Family and the Curiel Saldaña Family. Keep our youth in your thoughts as they witness a very different lifestyle than the one they are accustomed to, and think of the fabulous leaders who have offered their vacation time to work alongside our youth and families on this amazing experience! God is good!

Check out this video from our last trip –